17 Gorgeous Long Hair with Side Bangs for 2019

If there is a timeless haircut, this is the mop. Focus on trends in bangs and tips to find one that will fit you perfectly! Wear a short bangs, an asymmetrical bangs, a long bangs: that’s for sure, the bangs can play with your hair for an ever more different style. Discover all types of bangs.

How to find the bangs that go with your hair nature?

What you need to know is that it is possible to get a bang on any basic haircut.
The important thing is to respect the nature of her hair.

Because of course, you can imagine, we do not wear the same bangs that we have curly hair or ultra smooth.

    Straight bangs

If you choose a straight bangs, it is important to have thick hair to achieve a glamorous result. Small flat: it is the right bangs that requires the most maintenance (a scissor stroke every month).

    Tapered bangs

If you go on a tapered fringe, you can wear it even with very fine hair.

    Short bangs

Finally, if you opt for a short fringe or very short, be sure to assume the androgynous side before taking the plunge!

    Long bangs

The long bangs give a retro side to your haircut. You can wear it smooth in full version, degraded or wavy version on curly hair.

    Asymmetric fringe

The asymmetrical or angled fringe gives movement to the haircut. It is perfect associated with a degraded cut. Short or long, the asymmetrical fringe gives style to your cut.

    Fringe on the side

Practical when you let push back his bangs, the version on the side is quite popular with women in a hurry. Fringe or wick, call it as you wish, this haircut goes to everyone.
A fringe adapted to the shape of my face

In the same idea, it is necessary to opt for a fringe that adapts to the shape of your face.
Round face, oval face, square face: you can not afford everything.
Fortunately Cosmo is there is putting you on the way.

    Round face bangs

With a round face, the bangs must come to refine your face. For this, we put on the short version or the tapered fringe worn on the side. By cons, no long bangs for you!

    Oval face bangs

The straight and thick fringe is your hobby. Avoid models that are too long and may weigh down your features. If you still want to bet on a long bangs, wear it tapered.

    Square face bangs

The bangs will attenuate the angles of your face. Wear it long-distance to soften your face. We avoid the tapered bangs but we can wear the separate bangs.

    Fringe triangular face

Bet on a fringe wick or bang on the side to break the sharp side of your chin. You can also afford the unstructured fringe to soften your angles. We avoid the right and thick fringe.

    Rectangular face bangs

The curved fringe is your friend. Its rounded side will counterbalance the angles of your jaw. Avoid wearing short bangs or straight bangs, they will emphasize on the somewhat masculine shape of your head.

Discover without delay all our subjects to find the fringe which suits you.


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